We are a small family owned and operated business nestled in the heart of the Cascade Mountain range in Ellensburg, Washington.

We definitely have all four seasons here! Gardening can be a challenge with the extremely cold winters and sometime short, drought ridden summers. Because of this, we specialize in short season seeds for an early harvest.

This blog is a collaboration of us three office gals; Brittany, Robin and Alicia. We are not afraid to get our hands (sometimes clothes and faces) dirty and love to reap the rewards of our hard work and sweat in the garden and around the farm. We each bring our own areas of expertise to the gardening and preserving world.

Upon our recent tryst to what reminded us of the Secret Garden, we found a broken hoe in a raised bed! Thus we found our much deserved garden name of the “Broken Hoe Garden”.

Follow us on our journey with our trial garden, the “Broken Hoe Garden” and around the farm for fun tips, experiments, harvests and preserving.

The farm is where we call home….

We’ve each had our own (different) shares of farm life, and surprise we all ended up on the Irish Eyes team! Whether you have a small yard, apartment, urban garden, or hobby farm join us in the adventures of gardening with Irish Eyes Garden Seeds!

Seed Donations

Each year we donate our left over seeds to many non-profit organizations around the world. Our donation program supplies seeds to school education programs, farmers who grow food for the hungry and organizations who will use the seed to benefit the greater good of the world. We are so thankful that we are able to give back and help those who truly need it.

Our Mission

Join us, as we get creative with our garden harvests.


You may end up collecting way too many mason jars, pickling too many beets, growing purple carrots, asking for irrigation boots for your birthday and getting seeds in your stocking. If you’re not careful you could end up a full fledged farmer!

So we welcome you to the full seed to table experience!

The Ramblings of an Irish Eyes Farm Girl,

Brittany, Robin & Alicia