Leaf Stepping Stones

I think it’s safe to assume that we aren’t the only ones with an abundance of squash. No matter what, it seems like squash always takes over. As we were weeding the trial garden this week, admiring the gorgeous leaves, we were thinking about ways of using the giant foliage. Concrete leaf stepping stones are easy to make and only requires a few ingredients.

These stepping stones can be made with essentially any leaf, as long as it will hold up when you pour concrete on the leaves. We enjoyed picking out different leaves, the Ronde De Nice squash, Bitterroot Buttercup and Hopi Orange were our favorite for large stones. Delicata, Sweetmeat, and Blue Hubbard also provided fun shapes and textures.

The way we created our stepping stones was to take a piece of cardboard and lay the leaf on it, with the underside facing you. This creates the most texture and emphasizes the leaf veins.

The first step is to prep your leaf:

We placed ours on a piece of cardboard for easy cleanup, the bottom side of the leaf should be facing you. Next coat the leaf with a cooking oil so it is easy to remove from the concrete.

Next, mix the concrete:

Be careful not to add too much water too quickly, consistency is key here because you are going to be shaping and molding the concrete by hand on top of the leaf.

Time to make your stepping stones:

Place the concrete on top of the leaf (underside of leaf facing you) and mold it to the shape of the leaf. Using a flat object like another smaller piece of cardboard helps to press the bottom of the concrete flat.

After the concrete has dried, you can tear away the leaf, or let it naturally come off.

Leaf Stepping Stones