It’s Calving Time!

It’s calving season on the ranch! Our first calf dropped the beginning of March. This time of year is always a love, hate season for me. Calving season signifies non stop hustle until Christmas.

In the midst of having 10-20 calves a day, we have to get seeds started in our greenhouse, tractors greased and ready for field work, and remember to get all of our regular daily chores done.

My favorite time of day is five o’clock.

Chase pulls up to the house I run out to the pickup,buckle the boys up and we are off to tag cows.

This is my favorite time of day for three reasons.

  1. The boys are in one place….Mama can relax.
  2. We get some family time!
  3. I get to see those sweet calves up close!


We tag our calves with a yellow tag. This has a number on it and we write the mothers number on top. This helps us keep track of who belongs to who. We also record the number on the tag in our calf records.

We will be calving till the end of April. Sooooooo….I hope you guys enjoy calf pictures as much as I do!