Ever Thankful

November is the month of being thankful, so we are taking time each day and recognizing everything we have. Even after this month is over, we think we should continue this habit of thankfulness. A lot of times, we forget to be grateful for things that are already present in our lives. It is easy to be thankful for something that is new, and forget to look back at what we already have.

As we three sat together in the office we came up with this list of what we are thankful for! This list is short and sweet (and in no particular order), because honestly we are thankful for everything, and that would be quite the list!

All of our wonderful customers! We wouldn’t be here if we didn’t have you.

Being a small family farm has its benefit, we get to work closely with our community, making an impact locally, as well as globally. We are so lucky to be able to help others grow their own food and educate them. Being able to donate our seeds to those in needs in something we are beyond grateful for. From helping schools to teach children about growing their own food, to helping others in countries suffering from poverty and natural disasters, it is amazing to see what an ounce of seed can do for someone.

Ever Thankful

We are also thankful for our families and friends who are always there no matter what. And the men and women that protect us locally and overseas. Because of these brave souls we can lay our heads down at night and rest easy knowing they will fight the fight.

And lastly, don’t forget to tell others that you are thankful of them and appreciate them. Think about how different everyday would be without all the people around you that make things happen.