Growing with Kids!

Cultivate seeds and your children in the garden! Gardening with children may seem like a huge and messy undertaking but with these simple tips you will have a gardener in the making. Gardening will be a family affair in no time!

  1. Spark interest in your child by giving him or her their very own garden space. Whether it is a small 3×3 space or a wine barrel. This will give them the freedom to experiment in the garden without intruding on your garden space.
  2. Invest in some kid sized garden tools. Getting them their very own gloves, tools, and watering can, will really get them excited to start their own garden.
  3. Buy kid friendly seeds. Think large seeds and fast growing plants. Below are some great kid friendly seeds:
    1. Radishes- Easy to grow and germinate quickly. Radishes take about 20 days to mature!
    2. Sunflowers- Easy to grow and grow rather quickly. Big flowers with beautiful colors and large seeds are easy to grab for little hands.
    3. Peas- This is a quick growing early seed to plant. Vines can be trained onto a trellis to make a fun hiding place for little ones.
    4. Beans- Lean a trellis against an outside wall and start a bean teepee, kids love hiding and picking the beans.
    5. Pumpkins- These are a children’s garden must have! Their big seeds are easy to plant and are easily recognizable.
    6. Potatoes- Easy to plant, with a huge reward in the end when harvesting. It’s like an Easter egg hunt in the ground! Potatoes also come in all different shapes, sizes and colors.
    7. Strawberries- Easy to grow, comes back every year and a tasty treat that you can eat right off the plant.
    8. Lettuce and Spinach- Fast growing and very easy to grow. One of the first vegetables that will come up in the garden.
  4. Let them decide where to plant their seeds. Children love to make decisions and this gets them involved in the process.
  5. Stagger your planting. Kids tend to love planting the actually seed. So, don’t plant all the seeds at once. Have one variety that you plant everyday or stretch it out to every 3-5 days. This keeps their interest going while waiting for seedlings to sprout!